lanpackageConnecting multiple rooms, floors or even buildings with data services via the powerlines. In a powerline based network connectivity solution, a Gateway Master Device controls the entire network with multiple end-points. Access to the backhaul network maybe provided via existing DSL, Cable or Fiber installations.

Powerline Data Plug Modems available at locations that require networking, connect automatically to the Gateway Master Device as soon as they are plugged into a power socket. Each modem has an Ethernet interface for easy connectivity to any type of user equipment.

Additional services such as WiFi acces points, voice, video surveillance cameras or information screens can be enabled anywhere in the building via Powerline, even in complex building architectures.

All devices can be managed remotely, using standard management tools. Different VLANs maybe provisioned to separate for example business networks from public wireless networks. Any IT platform in a building can be run over the Powerline network via standard IP protocols and Ethernet.

Data Network and WiFi Backhaul Solution for:

Schools, Hotels, Historical Buildings, Conference/Exhibition Centers, Museums, Camping Grounds, Shopping-Centers, Airports, Restaurants/Bars

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Powerline LAN Packages