comptoir _mittelLe Comptoir des Marronniers, a famous restaurant and crêperie in the heart of the picturesque city of Lyon, requested Energyx to install a state-of-the-art communication infrastructure. The owner had a clear need for improved security and comfort for his guests in addition to a more efficient energy usage. As part of the concept definition phase the project scope was outlined, incorporating the installation of security cameras, easy-to-access internet service for the clients as well as the implementation of a Video and Audio broadcasting solution for entertainment purposes. Last but not least, a modern lighting system was considered to reduce the overall energy consumption.

Installation Concept

To bridge gaps between floors, restaurant rooms and the crêperie the power network was used as main communication carrier, using the Energyx Powerline Solution. A mix of wired and wireless solutions are connecting additional elements such as a camera server, the video and audio streaming facilities in the booth gastronomy areas as well as two public WiFi access points, providing guests with high-speed internet services. For the guests safety and security, multiple cameras were installed at well defined locations in the restaurant, with pre-defined optional installations in the kitchen and cave.


The major challenges in the project were certainly interconnecting the physically separated face-to-face buildings without being able to lay additional cables, in combination with the demand for a high and stable transmission rate of more than 30Mbit/s. Powerline helped bridging floors and thick walls that limited the use of a pure wireless solution.


With throughputs being constantly at 60Mbit/s and higher, the required stability is proven and the system is surpassing the anticipated expectations. All offered services are performing as required and there’s space for implementing potential  additional services in the future. All devices are installed in the most decent way and without visible cabling, maintaining the charming atmosphere of the two locations.

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Gastronomy Installation in Lyon, France