ireland powerlineRecently, the Powerline installation in the last one of 16 schools in Dublin has been finalised. It’s the first application of its type in Ireland and will be replicated during the next months in additional school buildings in- and outside of Dublin via our local integration partner.

Internet Access is nothing new for the kids in this historical town. With their standard ISDN dial-in connection some schools already had basic solutions to access the World Wide Web in past. But lessons in computer rooms, where 10 to 20 people are educating themselves using the Internet, ISDN couldn’t offer enough speed to serve the requirements.

With the implementation of Energyx Powerline technology Dublin’s education centres are entering the broadband level that allow the students to work more efficient and convenient when they are learning with their computers. It is the basis for communication platforms to share resources and ideas online between students as well as teachers. In addition it will allow the schools to set up e-learning projects and enhanced information exchange with other institutions in the near future.

The installation model is similar to former projects that have been realised with Energyx Powerline equipment. The backbone connectivity is provided via microwave radio links on the roof of each school. At the same place the signal is injected to the power grid of the school with an Indoor Master. For future projects the Advanced Gateway will be used to save equipment costs and reduce installation time. Our 205Mbit/s modems are in operation for computer rooms where several workstations are sharing the capacity of one CPE. Additional modems are providing access to standalone computers as teacher PC’s or student terminals in classrooms.

The main competitor of the Powerline solution in Ireland is Fibre-optic cabling within the buildings. Mr Jim Fagan, the PLC project leader of our integration partner said: „Installation of the entire Powerline system can take as little as one hour and requires none of the extensive cabling associated with deploying fibre networks. This provides major benefits for schools and takes the hassle out of installing broadband in schools.“ Reality shows that the installation of Powerline is very easy and much quicker than alternative solutions. As soon as the head-end has been connected to general services cables in the switchboard, every socket within the building provides broadband Internet access by simply plugging-in the CPE.

After this successful implementation our partner will move forward to cover additional schools in Ireland as well as entering into the hotel and listed buildings segment. Energyx itself believes in those niche markets besides its strong presence as a broadband access technology and is proud to have strong partners for the local on-site network integration.

If you are interested in becoming a local distribution partner yourself, please contact us.

16 Schools in Dublin covered with PLC