lenzburgThe MDU building Erlengut 11 in Lenzburg is a standalone project for in-building distribution of an existing DSL connection over 5 floors to 12 flats. The house is located in the heart of Lenzburg, an old historical town in the midlands of Switzerland, at the foot of the cities castle and close to the old town area. The MDU was built in the early sixties and was recently renewed and equipped with new power wirings. Its owners decided to extend 4 apartments to luxury flats and invested not only in the fixtures but also in the communication system. Besides high quality phone bells TV distribution is based on a high-end digital satellite system with double channels for the two top flats. The apartments are rented to its inhabitants, service included.

The business case for the building owner is feasible – instead of letting the ISP sign individual contracts with every tenant he signs a high capacity licence agreement and charges the tenants a monthly fee of 20 EUR with the normal apartment rental fee. Compared to today’s lowest available rate of 30 EUR its a fairly good deal for the tenants, but even more for the building owner – his initial investment is paid back after 8 months – break even is reached after 10 months. As per the high capacity of more than 100Mbps of the PLC system and the long MTBF figures the solution is future proven and can be considered as long term lasting telecom infrastructure. If the ISP’s increase their service, the same performance increase is automatically provided to the flats.

installation_lenzburgInstallation of the solution is close to plug & play. Depending on the transparent setup of the main distribution panel and allocation of the telecom access to the outside world not even an electrician is required. In the Erlengut 11 building a 1 hours service of a electrician was allocated as the telecom distribution panel is based in another room than the electrical one. The PLC installation itself took less than 30 minutes – it is based on a Master – Slave principle. The flats are feed by an API-2000-GW device at the main distribution panel that is connected via a DSL Router to the ADSL backbone. (maximum available DSL performance for this area is currently 2 Mbps). The coupling to the different risers is being done inductively via 13mm ferrites over one single signal cable- after the meters. ETH enabled Wall-plug adapters (APA-2000-DB) take up the signal within the individual flats on all available power sockets.

The average physical layer bandwidth varies between 90 (floor 5, worst socket) and 180 Mbps (floor 1, best socket). The full 2Mbps provided by the ISP are available in every flat at every socket. This allows the tenants to run not only Internet Access, but all kind of other services such as VoIP, Internet-TV, Video-Streaming and even Camera surveillance systems over the PLC system. Within their flats it can be used as LAN by the use of multiple CPE’s or is simply being used as the access modem for a WLAN Access point for full flexibility within the home.

Similar models are available for hotels, schools, hospitals and high-rise buildings. Having this single standalone building as a model we expect an even more feasible business case for large scale landlords making profit by offering Internet Access to their tenants, independent from the type of building. A future proven investment, a worldwide implemented technology and simple installation methods form an attractive business model for the real estate market.


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MDU deployment in Lenzburg, Switzerland